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Buy your RocShield; Only $1249.00 + taxes!!

RocShield fits all aluminum fishing boat.

You must write the Brand, the Model and the Construction Year of your boat in the appropriate field of Step 1 - Place your Order. This is required in order to start manufacturing your RocShield.

If you want to add the measures in the Message section of Step 1 - Place your Order, please use the illustration and instruction below. Note that these measures are not mandatory for the manufacturing of your RocShield.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions :
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Step 1 - Place your Order

The RocShield is designed is as soon as you place an order with us. Upon completion of the design, which takes one to two days, the RocShield will be delivered to you. You will receive your RocShield only a few days after your placed your order.

Thank you for your order!
We will contact you soon to confirm your order details.

Step 2 - Pay through Paypal

Once you submit your order, you can conveniently pay through PayPal. Your order will begin to be prepared once we receive your payment through PayPal.

The Order Process


Order your RocShield.


Submit payment through Paypal.


Your RocShield will be shipped via courier.


Following the included or online instructions, install your RocShield.