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Easy to install

The RocShield is very easy to install. You only need a drill and a measurement tape. The hardware, straps and the mesh material are all included. The initial installation may range between 45 minutes to an hour. Once the measures are taken and the brackets installed, the RocShield takes about one minute to install or remove from your boat once you arrive at your destination. You can then enjoy the rest of your day!!

Over a Decade of Durability

The RocShield is an effective and robust product designed to protect your boat and trailer when traveling. The RocShield was created by Neil Gagnon owner of Rembourrage 4 Saisons (R4S), a company located in the Gatineau Valley, in Maniwaki. Designing the RocShield took 13 years. With the RocShield, the hull of your boat is protected during transport from debris asphalt, pebbles and gravel which can damage your boat. Now you can carry your boat wherever you want, in remote outfitters or simply to the marina without ever having to worry if your boat or trailer will be damaged!

Ships Quickly

The RocShield is designed is as soon as you place an order with us. Upon completion of the design, which takes one to two days, the RocShield will be delivered to you. You will receive your RocShield only a few days after your placed your order.