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About RocShield

The RocShield is an effective and robust product designed to protect your boat and trailer when traveling. The RocShield was created by Neil Gagnon owner of Rembourrage 4 Saisons (R4S), a company located in the Gatineau Valley, in Maniwaki. Designing the RocShield took 13 years. With the RocShield, the hull of your boat is protected during transport from debris asphalt, pebbles and gravel which can damage your boat. Now you can carry your boat wherever you want, in remote outfitters or simply to the marina without ever having to worry if your boat or trailer will be damaged!

The RocShield has been tested on side roads driving at 100km/hr. Obviously, we are not recommending you to drive fast on those types of roads. Always respect the driving limits. The RocShield protects your boat against asphalt debris, not against accidents!!

The RocShield's protection


The RocShield protects your boat and your trailer during transport


The RocShield ajusts to the shape of your boat and is attached to your trailer’s wings.


Travel without any troubles with the RocShield.


Easy to install.

The team

Neil Gagnon

CEO and owner of RocShield

Neil Gagnon is the founder and owner of Rembourrage 4 Saisons(R4S)

Jimmy Crytes


Pc/Média redesigned the website in 2014.

Valérie Saad

CEO OF solution-emarketing

Solution-emarketing has developped marketing strategies and tools for RocShield


“We have looked at [the RocShield] and its name really represents what it is, it is a real shield against rocks. We have started to retail this product last year [2012]”
S. Godin (Équipements Maniwaki)
I went to Le Réservoir Gouin last summer, people wanted to know where [the RocShield] came from. I am really pleased with it, it has been almost three years and everything is fine. You need it!!!”
P. Dumont ( buyer)